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About Institute of Law Studies
Polish Yearbook of International Law

Faculties of INP PAN

> I. Department of Constitutional Law and European Research
> II. Department of Research on Legal Institutions
> II. A. Human Rights Centre
> II. B. Centre for Documentation and Information on Human Rights
> II. C. Centre for Family Law and Childrens Rights
> III. Department of International Public Law
> IV. Department of Private Law
> V. Department of Polish and European Agricultural Law
> VI. Department of Criminal Law
> VII. Department of Criminology
> VIII. Department of Legal Issues relating to Conservation and Protection of the Environment
> IX. Department of Administrative Law
> X. Department of Competition Law
> XI. Department of Labour Law
> XII. Department of European Law
> Individual Scientific Research Positions

IV. Department of Private Law

Polish Academy of Sciences
00-330 Warsaw, Nowy Świat St. 72
ph.: (+48) 22 65-72-885, room no. 216
office hours: Tuesday 1 PM – 3 PM, room 220

The main area of the research carried out in the Department are changes of private law in connection with processes of globalisation and europeanisation. Within this domain, the Department’s staff deals with the following issues:

Tasks for the year 2015:

Right to “be forgotten” in the Internet website against the background of the right to privacy
- Professor habilitated doctor A... read more >>>

Professor Andrzej Bierć - kierownik

civil law, commercial law, e-commerce law, banking law

e-mail: A.Bierc@inp.pan.pl

Dr Mateusz Grochowski - sekretarz

contract law, theory of civil law, consumer law, judicial application of law

e-mail: mateusz.grochowski@inp.pan..pl

Prof.dr Hab.PhD Bogudar Kordasiewicz

civil law, commercial law, inheritance law, law of protection of personal goods

e-mail: B.Kordasiewicz@inp.pan.pl

Professor Barbara Bajor, prof. INP

civil law, commercial law, banking law

e-mail: b.bajor@op.pl

Professor Monika Tarska, prof. INP

civil law, commercial law, company law

e-mail: M.Tarska@inp.pan.pl

Dr Joanna Mucha-Kujawa

civil law, civil procedure

e-mail: jmucha@inp.pan.pl

Dr Grzegorz Nita-Jagielski

civil law, commercial law, company law

e-mail: G.Nita-Jagielski@inp.pan.pl

Małgorzata Rybiałek

civil law, e-commerce law

e-mail: rybialek@rybialek.com