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About Institute of Law Studies
Polish Yearbook of International Law
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The Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The library of the Institute of Law Studies is a specialized scientific library, which houses a broad collection of legal literature, and to a lesser extent of political and social sciences in general. The collection includes publications from civil and criminal law, private and public international law, European law, International private law, competition law, environmental law, international economic arbitration, and others. The library also has a valuable collection of international documents, yearbooks of international and European law, sets of foreign codes with commentaries, and constitutions from selected jurisdictions. A separate specialized collection is dedicated to criminology.

The current collection includes about 50 thousand volumes. The collection of journals is particularly important as it encompasses more than 300 different titles (app. 200 foreign journals, about sixty of which the Institute is the only institutional subscriber in the country).

Since February 2010, the library has participated in the Warsaw Agreement of PAN Scientific Libraries, which operate within automatized cataloguing system HORIZON. In March 2010, the Institute commenced to introduce descriptions of its books into a computer catalogue. The library also cooperated with National Union Catalogue (NUKAT). Information about its collections can be found in the on-line catalogue available on the internet.