Basic Research

The series publishes short legal monographs that comprehensively present current, fundamental legal issues which are of vital importance to the socioeconomic landscape in all areas of life, including direct application of the law by citizens. The publications will become an inspiration for further in-depth studies of the issues that they address.

All monographs issued as electronic publications in the Basic Research series are published in the Open Access model under CC-BY 4.0 licence and are available in the ILS PAS e-Law Library repository.

Published in the series:

  • Małgorzata Łączkowska-Porawska (ed.), Dziecko-rodzice-państwo w kontekście świadczeń zdrowotnych edukacyjnych i przemocy domowej [The child-parent-state in the context of educational health services and domestic violence]
  • Marek Andrzejewski (ed.), Status osób małoletnich – piecza zastępcza, kontakty, przysposobienie [The status of minors: Foster care, contacts, adoption]
  • Ewa Suknarowska-Drzewiecka, Uprawnienia rodzicielskie pracowników [Parental rights of employees]
  • Beata Włodraczyk’s monograph, Trading in agricultural real estate in the light of the treaty freedom of capital movement, will be published shortly.