Effects of the lack of recognition of a state in international law – Dr Szymon Zaręba

The ILS PAS publishing house has published another monograph from the ‘Legal Studies’ series: a book by Szymon Zaręba, PhD, entitled Effects of the lack of recognition of a state in international law.

The main objective of the monograph is to assess the real impact of the lack of international recognition on the international legal status of an entity that claims the right to call itself a state. The book is the first monograph in the Polish literature devoted to the problem of the lack of recognition of states, and even more so to its effects. The previous studies on these issues conducted in Poland were of a much more modest nature.

The findings of this research may prove useful for a number of people, both theoreticians and practitioners. They offer a different perspective on the issues of international recognition of a state and its consequences, as well as on international-law subjectivity, thus enriching the Polish discourse on the subject and incorporating into the Polish academic circulation a number of thoughts present in the world literature. Thus, they will indirectly influence the way individual cases of state formation are evaluated, not only by representatives of legal doctrine, but also by journalists and publicists.

Conclusions from the analysis may be used by the Polish foreign service when they need to enter into various official or unofficial contact with entities which are not recognised as states by Poland, and may also prove interesting for judges and officials who encounter in their everyday practice the need to solve specific problems related to the existence of entities which are not recognised as states by the Polish authorities.

from the Introduction

The monograph is a revised and supplemented version of the doctoral thesis defended by the author in 2018 at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Autor: Szymon Zaręba
Recenzje: prof. dr hab. Janusz Symonides, dr hab. Barbara Mielnik, prof. UWr
Seria: Rozprawy Prawnicze. Seria monograficzna INP PAN
Rok wydania: 2020
ISBN: 978-83-950165-7-8 (oprawa miękka), 978-83-950165-6-1 (oprawa twarda)
e-ISBN: 978-83-950165-8-5 (ebook)
DOI: 10.37232/978-83-950165-8-5
Ilość stron: 483
Format: książka (oprawa miękka, oprawa twarda), ebook (pdf)

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Cena: oprawa twarda 119,00 zł, oprawa miękka 98,00 zł, ebook – 79,00 zł

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