Heterosexuality and monogamy of marriage as a legal relation – a monograph by Małgorzata Łączkowska-Porawska

The Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences has published another monograph from the series ‘Legal Studies: A monograph series of the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences’ – Małgorzata Łączkowska-Porawska’s monograph, Heterosexuality and monogamy of marriage as a legal relation.

From the publisher’s reviews:

‘The monograph will certainly be useful to anyone dealing with family law problems from the theoretical side, but it can also be recommended to someone interested in these issues in their professional practice. The in-depth analysis of the problems and the proposed solutions make the study helpful for practitioners struggling with the issues raised in the monograph in their jobs. In fact, this monograph should become mandatory reading not only for academics, but also for judges, attorneys and heads of civil registry offices.’

Dr Janusz Gajda, Prof. of UJK

‘The book is a significant contribution to the legal scholarly debate on the role of marriage and family. The reader can accept or reject the main idea of the book, but it is not possible to accuse the author of failing to elaborate on her thoughts, making intellectual evasions or avoiding to express her views clearly.’

Dr hab. Marek Andrzejewski, Ph.D., Professor of US, Professor of ILS PAS

Autor: Małgorzata Łączkowska-Porawska
Recenzje: dr. hab. Janusz Gajda, prof. UJK, dr hab. Marek Andrzejewski, prof. US, prof. INP PAN
Seria wydawnicza: Rozprawy Prawnicze. Seria monograficzna INP PAN
ISBN: 978-83-950165-9-2 (książka)
e-ISBN: 978-83-66300-00-2 (ebook)
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2590495
Ilość stron: 314

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