Opportunities and threats for the participants of the energy market – eds. Grzegorz Materna and Jarosław Król

The monograph deals with many current issues in Polish energy law and policy. It analyses systemic, material, legal and procedural issues. The monograph is a summary of a scientific conference and the collection of papers delivered during the conference. Both the conference and the publication are an interesting voice in the development of energy law in Poland.

The publication contains detailed studies on the application of general principles in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) President or on the investment process of offshore wind energy, as well as general comments on the legal framework of proceedings before the ERO President’s Negotiating Coordinator or various consumer protection institutions in the energy sector.

There are also very interesting sections devoted to power system operators and the institution of reserve sale. Additionally, several chapters deal with energy policy issues, such as the dilemma of the future of the energy system in Poland. The authors of the book are interested in new questions of energy law, such as the use of the blockchain method in this sector. The book also contains a discussion of issues on the intersection of energy law and tax law.

The monograph, which is the result of cooperation between the ‘Mercatus et Civis’ Foundation and the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, is a complex analysis of issues related to current challenges faced by energy law and energy market participants (broadly defined entities that produce and distribute energy), both in terms of state regulation and energy recipients. A common, cyclical initiative is a forum for debate between representatives of science and economy. The articles included in the publication elaborate on the papers delivered during the 2nd Energy Forum of Science and Economy, ‘Opportunities and threats for the participants of the energy market’, held under the patronage of the Minister of Energy and the President of the ERO.

The monograph deals only with selected issues of opportunities and threats for the participants of the energy market which result from its development. As the economic conditions evolve, market participants and regulators face new challenges. Therefore, the title of this publication is always relevant.

The monograph is available in the e-Law Library as an open-access publication.

Autor: Grzegorz Materna, Jarosław Król
Recenzje: dr hab. Mateusz Błachucki, prof. INP PAN; prof. dr hab. Marcin Trzebiatowski
Seria wydawnicza:
Rok wydania: 2021
ISBN: 978-83-66300-41-5 (książka)
e-ISBN: 978-83-66300-42-2 (ebook)
Ilość stron: 178
Format: książka (oprawa miękka), ebook: pdf OA
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