Parental rights of employees

The issue of the parental rights of employees is important for many social and economic reasons. Rapid transformations to the provisions on parental protection due to socioeconomic and cultural changes generate the need to continuously interpret these provisions. This is especially true of the extensive amendment of the Labour Code regulations of 24 July 2015. These regulations have been in force for several years, and many doubts and specific problems are emerging, which have been included in the scope of this study.

As noted in the editorial review by Dr Krzysztof Walczak:

‘The publication deals with immensely important issues for those who work and decide to become parents. It refers to the latest legal trends in the Polish labour law. The author touches upon such issues as anti-discrimination regulations, the protection of personal data and their processing in relation to an employee’s parenthood. She deals separately with the various stages of employee parenthood and outlines the legal consequences of various rights for both the employee and the employer, which is justified by the diversity of the rights granted. The author analyses the various protective instruments and interprets them as part of the labour law system.

The book combines theoretical and practical approaches. The author demonstrates not only knowledge of the current regulations, but also their functioning in practice.’

The work refers to maternity, paternity, parental and child-rearing leaves, as well as other parental rights under the Labour Code. It also addresses questions concerning the rights of pregnant employees and employees planning to have children, and the termination of employment contracts with employees who exercise their parental rights or with pregnant employees. Some of the issues analysed in detail include exercising parental rights when several eligible members of the immediate family have expressed their intention to do so; an uninsured mother entering into employment in the context of a lack of after-birth protection; the rights of an employee who gave birth during an unpaid leave; the admissibility of doing work during maternity, paternity, parental and child care leaves; guarantees of an employee’s return to work after exercising their parental rights; and the exercise of the right of an employee entitled to child care leave to reduced working hours.

Autor: Ewa Sunarowska-Drzewiecka

Autor: Ewa Sunarowska-Drzewiecka
Recenzja: Krzysztof Walczak
Seria:Basic Research
Rok wydania: 2021
e-ISBN: 978-83-66300-34-7 (ebook)
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4702754
Ilość stron: 106
Format: ebook: pdf

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