Problems of legal qualification of non-Codex contractual relations

The objective of the publication is to present a comprehensive account of civil law issues concerning selected contractual obligatory relations. The authors do not focus on one contract or one category of contracts. They address important issues in relation to various contractual relations: from strictly theoretical issues, such as the algorithmisation of contractual relations, to the problems of specific contracts, such as the legal issues of the surrogacy contract.

The book Extra-code regulations of contractual obligatory relations is a collection of essays by young lawyers/researchers from Poland and Ukraine, addressing the most current problems of selected contractual obligatory relations.

The topics analysed in the book include both strictly theoretical issues, such as the algorithmisation of contractual relations, as well as more practical considerations on the nature and detailed solutions to specific types of contracts, such as a surrogacy contract or a contract for the provision of telecommunication services.

Moreover, the authors present the results of research on changes in banking law and payment services in the context of the implementation of PSD and PSD2 directives. They also discuss the regulation of contracts for other financial services, medical services and such detailed solutions as contracts for website positioning or EU project financing.

The texts offer a new, bold and interesting perspective on the subject of research. They constitute a valuable contribution to the development of the science of private law.

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Redaktor: Wojciech Maciołek
Recenzje: prof. dr hab. Andrzej Bierć, dr hab. Barbara Bajor, prof. INP PAN
Rok wydania: 2020
ISBN: 978-83-66300-21-7 (książka)
e-ISBN: 978-83-66300-20-0 (ebook)
DOI: 10.37232/978-83-66300-20-0
Ilość stron: 174
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