The status of minors: Foster care, contacts, adoption

The ILS PAS publishing house has released the next monograph from the Basic Research series: a collective work called The status of minors: Foster care, contacts, adoption and edited by Marek Andrzejewski, PhD.

Published in the Open Access model, the publication was written as part of a grant awarded by the National Science Centre: ‘Minors vs the parents and the state: Contemporary Polish legal conditions of implementing the principle of child welfare and participation’ (agreement with NCN no. UMO-2015/19/B/HS5/03014). It is available in the e-Law Library for all users.

As Dr hab. Małgorzata Baldwicka-Szczyrba, Prof. of UG, writes in the review

‘In the face of social transformations, the analysis of the institution of foster care, contact with the child and adoption constitutes a research field which allows us to assess the validity of the binding norms, taking into account the authors’ perspective. Legal regulations on foster care, contact with the child and adoption are designed to protect the well-being of the child, especially their emotions, and the orderly environment necessary for a peaceful childhood. Therefore, the issues covered in this monograph require an appropriate approach and sensitivity from the researcher because they refer to matters related to minors, whose welfare requires special protection in accordance with the existing legal regulations and who are in a way ‘condemned’ to the decisions of adults. I find the authors’ perspective on the relationship between children and parents (other adults) to be extremely valuable and interesting, since it places the minor ‘in the centre of analysis’. A comprehensive examination of the above-mentioned institutions from the point of view of the child’s welfare is desirable, given its significance for family and legal relations, as well as the social and ideological transformations taking place so rapidly.

The subject matter of the publication is interesting from the standpoint of both research and practice. Many issues raised here have not yet been discussed in a systematic and detailed way in one monograph, especially with an attempt to depart from the dominant paradigm of examining family matters exclusively from the perspective of adults, in favour of analyses that properly reflect the legal position of the child.

A great value of the work is that the authors accurately recognise the practical problems of applying the law as regards the institutions discussed, and they try to suggest appropriate solutions. Each section of the book contains a detailed, multifaceted analysis of the whole spectrum of issues arising from the application of the law in the field of foster care, contact with the child and adoption, with an accurate diagnosis of the problems occurring in practice.

Redakcja: Marek Andrzejewski
Recenzja: dr hab. Małgorzata Baldwicka-Szczyrba, prof. UG
Rok wydania: 2020
ISBN: 978-83-66300-30-9 (książka)
e-ISBN: 978-83-66300-31-6 (ebook)
Ilość stron: 162
Format: książka (oprawa miękka), ebook: pdf
Cena: książka 20.95 zł brutto, ebook: OA

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Cena: książka 20.95, ebook: OA

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