Why do we need criminology? Jubilee Book dedicated to Professor Irena Rzeplińska – eds. Witold Klaus, Dagmara Woźniakowska-Fajst, Paulina Wiktorska and Konrad Buczkowski

In the Introduction, the editors write that ‘the title of the book … is not accidental. The question about the meaning and essence of criminological research has constantly accompanied Professor Irena Rzeplińska in her academic and educational work. As students, associates and friends of Professor Rzeplińska, we have heard this question many times – asked during meetings of the Department of Criminology of the Institute of Criminology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC PAS) – which forced us many times to attempt to answer it, as well as to think about the purpose of our empirical research or theoretical studies, i.e. what they should lead us to. The collection of texts in the book proves that many people fascinated with criminology are also troubled by the question about the purpose of academic and research work. The selected articles provide interesting answers to this seemingly simple question. We hope that this book will become part of the canon of criminological literature and will help readers open new horizons of thinking about crime, its prevention and control.’

From a review by Dr Jolanta Jakubowska-Hary, Prof. of ILS PAS:

‘The seemingly subversive title of the book Why do we need criminology, which is a collection of works dedicated to Professor Irena Rzeplińska on the occasion of her jubilee, is a perfect pretext for interesting discussions on the place of this research field and its role in the development of the social sciences, as well as on its practical relevance in solving important problems related to crime and other dangerous phenomena in social life. The authors of the studies included in the book attempt to answer the question posed in the title. They address the dilemmas of criminology and the problems of criminological research, the criminological aspects of juvenile delinquency, the phenomenon of migration and the use of imprisonment, as well as the relations between criminology and related fields, such as criminal law and criminal policy.’

From a review by Dr Krystyna Ostrowska, Prof. of WSM:

‘It is something fascinating and unusual that fifty-two authors have submitted papers for Irena Rzeplińska’s Jubilee Book, and among them are both those who have been creating the theoretical and practical current of criminological inquiry for many decades and those who are taking over from the masters of Polish criminology and creating their own new achievements in accordance with the needs of modern times. Therefore, this Jubilee Book is both a kind of tribute to all the academic work of Professor Rzeplińska and a valuable source of information about the dilemmas and challenges of contemporary criminology, research on their methodology and practical and legislative applications. Thus, it is not only a Jubilee Book, but also a useful guide for students of criminology, who are starting their scholarly work in this field and for those who have notable achievements but are still looking for more effective solutions to social problems relying on the advances of science. … The reviewed book illustrates the most important research trends in criminology in Poland in all leading academic and research centres. The content of the articles highlights the basic current of research and theoretical concepts, which is not so much focussed on the perpetrator of a criminal act, their rehabilitation and social readaptation, but on the problems of the phenomenon of crime itself, which takes different forms and intensities and which can be a threat to the functioning of society on a micro and macro scale and can bring economic consequences. In other words, the firm interests of researchers are manifested in the social and penal conditions of crime, its extent, intensity, dynamics and forms and to a lesser extent on the identification of personal and social causes.’

Redaktorzy: Witold Klaus, Dagmara Woźniakowska-Fajst, Paulina Wiktorska, Konrad Buczkowski
Recenzja: prof. dr hab. Krystyna Ostrowska, dr hab. Jolanta Jakubowska-Hara, prof. INP PAN
Seria wydawnicza: Kryminologia
ISBN: 978-83-66300-03-3 (książka)
e-ISBN: 978-83-66300-04-0 (ebook)
Ilość stron: 756

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