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Grażyna Mormol – Chief Accountant
tel. (22) 65-72-875
e-mail: g.mormol@inp.pan.pl
room 205, II p.

Bogumiła Pałka – Deputy Chief Accountant
tel. (22) 65-72-875
e-mail: b.palka@inp.pan.pl
room 205, II p.

Marzena Krzyczkowska – Financial Specialist
tel. (22) 65-72-875
e-mail: m.krzyczkowska@inp.pan.pl
room 205, II p.

Iwona Kalisz-Deorocka – HR and Payroll Specialist
tel. (22) 65-72-795
e-mail: i.kalisz@inp.pan.pl
room 219, II p.

Karol Bieńkowski – Coordinator of Project Unit
tel. (22) 65-72-744
e-mail: projekty@inp.pan.pl ; k.bienkowski@inp.pan.pl
room 213, II p.

Aleksandra Grządka – Specjalist of Project Unit
tel. (22) 65-72-744
e-mail: projekty@inp.pan.pl ; a.grzadka@inp.pan.pl
room 213, II p.

Magda Kozłowska – Public Procurement Specialist
tel. (22) 65-72-744
e-mail: m.kozlowska@inp.pan.pl
pokój 213, II p.

Grażyna Khouri-Costantin – Secretary of the Scientific Council
tel. (22) 65-72-775
e-mail: awanse@inp.pan.pl
room 214, II p.

Departmental Archive
room 02/03, -I p.

room 326, III p.

Polish Legal Bibliography

Publishing House
e-mail: wydawnictwo@inp.pan.pl; czasopisma@inp.pan.pl
room 322, III p.

Web Page’s and Social Media Administrator
e-mail: www@inp.pan.pl; helpdesk@inp.pan.pl

Due to the ongoing construction works in the rooms of the ILS PAS on the 3rd floor of the Staszic Palace, only e-mail contact is possible.