Department Archives

Use of the Department Archives.

Individuals interested in using the resources of the Department Archives of the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences are obliged to read the Terms and Conditions and to comply with the provisions contained therein.

Access to the records is granted on the basis of a written request addressed to the Director of ILS PAS. The request should include the applicant’s data, the name of the institution where the applicant works and the subject and scope of research or the purpose for which the records are to be used.

Appointments for visiting the Archives of ILS PAS should be agreed in advance with the staff of the Archives. It is possible to request up to 10 archival files at a time. The records are available only in the research room at ILS PAS, room 322.

In accordance with the recommendations of the archival authorities, doctoral dissertations defended at ILS PAS have been processed and transferred to the Departmental Archives. Access to these files is provided in accordance with the general rules applicable to archival records.

In the case of personal files, the permission of the Director of ILS PAS is required each time. The sharing of these files takes place in accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data. It is necessary to submit a request.

In special cases, the Archives shall provide access to the records indirectly by forwarding the information contained in documents as a written reply to a request or inquiry, or as reproductions of documents (with the exception of certificates, certified copies and certified reproductions, which are subject to separate regulations). The information and reprographic services of the Department Archives are provided upon payment in accordance with the pricelist of the information and reprographic services of ILS PAS.

Duplicates of certificates are issued at the written request of the interested party.

Photocopies of personal documents of deceased employees of ILS PAS can be issued to their family members with the approval of the Institute’s management based on official documents proving the family relationship.

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