Widoczny Pałac Staszica i pomnik Kopernika, zdjęcie z wieży kościoła śwętego Krzyża

The Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences is one of the most important research institutions of the social sciences division of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS; ‘PAN’ in Polish), in terms of significance and staff potential. The Institute of Legal Sciences (ILS; ‘INP’ in Polish) was established in 1956 (from two existing departments within the structures of the PAS: the Department of Criminology and the Department of Legal Sciences PAS). The name was changed in the late 1970s to the Institute of State and Law PAS, only to return to the name of the Institute of Legal Sciences PAS in 1990.

The Institute was (and is) supposed to fulfil the function of coordinating and unifying basic research in the field of legal sciences, both from the theoretical perspective and on account of its links with legal practice.

Throughout its history, it has been headed by leading representatives of legal science and professors:

  • prof. dra Jana Wasilkowskiego (02.1953-11.1956),
  • prof. Stanisława Śliwińskiego (01.1957-09.1957,
  • prof. dra Cezarego Berezowskiego (11.1957-10.1961),
  • prof. dra Manfreda Lachsa (11.1961-01.1967),
  • prof. dra Adama Łopatkę (07.1969-09.1987),
  • prof. dra hab. Janusza Łętowskiego (12.1987-11.1990),
  • prof. dra hab. Andrzeja Wasilkowskiego (11.1991-12.1996),
  • prof. dra hab. Andrzeja Szajkowskiego (01.1997-12.1999),
  • prof. dra hab. Marię Kruk-Jarosz (01.2000-12.2003),
  • prof. dra hab. Władysława Czaplińskiego (03.2004-02.2016).

Currently (since 1 March 2016) the Institute is headed by Dr hab.Celina Nowak, Professor ILS PAS.

The Scientific Council plays an important role in setting the direction of the Institute’s work. It has been chaired by eminent lawyers, Professors Jan Wasilkowski, Jan Gwiazdomorski, Manfred Lachs, Maurycy Jaroszyński, Witold Czachórski, Jerzy Bafia, Jerzy Jodłowski, Leszek Kubicki, Andrzej Szajkowski, Ewa Łętowska, and Andrzej Wróbel, Andrzej Bierć. The Council is currently chaired by Professor Alina Jurcewicz.