Dr Antonella Patteri

Current scientific affiliation

Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Associate Fellow, Birkbeck, University of London

Short bio note

  • Dedicated researcher and policy analyst with experience achieving tangible results having attained a Ph.D. in Politics in London with a Doctoral Thesis on the governance of migration and border control in the context of the European Union;
  • 5 years of academic research experience of impact on teaching, mentoring, and publishing about the politics of migration, strengthening my commitment to human rights advocacy, gender equality, racial studies, climate change, and social policy;
  • Field research in Chile (Santiago), the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and in migrant camps in Italy (Rome) & France (Calais/Dunkirk);
  • Experience working in the European Commission on different aspects of migration policy.

  • EU Politics and Migration Governance
  • The Securitisation of Migration and Human Rights Discourses
  • Migration Return Policies and Readmission Cooperation with Countries of Origin and Transit
  • Migrants’ Agency and Politics of Resistance
  • Search and Rescue in the Mediterranean Sea and the Politics of Reception in Countries of first-arrival
  • EU Asylum Policy and Border Procedures
  • EU Border Surveillance, Politics of Deterrence and EU Funding for the Control of Managed Mobility
  • The Criminalisation of Migration Solidarity and Grassroots Activism
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