Pasific Peogramme

We kindly invite foreign researchers to submit applications to PASIFIC call-2.

Applications from the ILS PAS for the PASIFIC call consist of several stages:

  1. Prepare your CV and a brief description of the research project (1 page)
  2. Find a research supervisor on our website working in a similar research area.
  3. Send your CV and project description to our PASIFIC NAVIGATOR, and let her know who your supervisor is. She will then report your candidacy to the Director of ILS PAS.
  4. After obtaining the approval of the ILS PAS Director, the PASIFIC NAVIGATOR will support you to complete the application form on the SEA System.

Please note that the internal application deadline for PASIFIC is December 15th. You have until this date to find your supervisor and contact the PASIFIC NAVIGAROR

If you have any questions, please contact the PASIFIC NAVIGATOR:
Olena Bodnar-Potopnyk