Current Issues of EU Criminal Law

The book presents a picture of selected current problems of EU criminal law drawn from various perspectives. The issues discussed include: judicial dialogue between national courts, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR); the adequate protection of the rights of participants in criminal proceedings in the EU Member States; relations of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) with States not participating in the enhanced cooperation; mutual trust in the context of obtaining electronic evidence; CJEU jurisprudence relevant for cooperation in criminal matters; the deprivation of illicit assets in the context of the rights of victims and confiscation in rem; the harmonisation of substantive criminal law relating to the definition of the crime of rape and pharmaceutical crime; insufficient use of alternatives to imprisonment. The Authors indicate the existing issues that need to be solved at the EU and national level and outline the future directions of the development of EU criminal law.

The research issues discussed in the publication are significant from a legal point of view and very current. In their studies, the Authors raise issues that are actively discussed in the doctrine of criminal and European law, especially foreign doctrine, resulting equally from new EU secondary legislation, in addition to the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. In particular, it should be emphasised that the Authors also address the issues related to the mutual relations between the achievements of the Council of Europe and the acquis of the European Union.

From the review of Professor dr. habil. Monika Szwarc

W książce ukazały się następujące rozdziały:

Ariadna H. Ochnio, Hanna Kuczyńska
What are the main problems facing EU criminal law today? (s. 7-26)

Joanna Beata Banach-Gutierrez
The prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment, as a binding norm in EU criminal law (s. 27-38)

Justyna Głębocka
Right of access to a lawyer in Polish preparatory proceedings, comments on the Directive 2013/48/EU (s. 39-58)

Barbara Dudzik
European Public Prosecutor’s Office – relations with Poland as a state not participating in enhanced cooperation (s. 59-72)

Martyna Kusak
Mutual trust to obtain electronic evidence in the EU: is the bar low or high? (s. 73-88)

Michalina Marcia
Data retention obligations in the context of CJEU case law (s. 89-106)

Hanna Kuczyńska
The execution of financial penalties imposed based on vehicle registration data, a commentary on the CJEU judgment C-671/18 in the case Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (s. 107-122)

Michał Hara
The system of transfer of sentenced persons within the EU in the light of the CJEU judgement in the Popławski (II) case (s. 123-136)

Ariadna H. Ochnio
Addressing barriers to victims’ rights to recovered assets in the mechanism for mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders (s. 137-158)

Gniewomir Wycichowski-Kuchta
In rem confiscation in EU law after the Agro in 2001 judgement. The Polish perspective (s. 159-174)

Klaudia Jakubowicz
Attempts to harmonise the definition of the crime of rape in the European Union through the scope of German, Spanish and Swedish legislation (s. 175-192)

Aleksandra Komar-Nalepa
Pharmaceutical crime in the European Union – selected issues (s. 193-204)

Jolanta Jakubowska-Hara
Alternatives to imprisonment in the light of Polish and EU provisions of law (s. 205-218)

Series: Legal Monographs
Editors:Dr Ariadna H. Ochnio, Dr hab. Hanna Kuczyńska
Reviewers:Prof. Dr hab. Monika Szwarc
Year: 2022
ISBN: 978-83-66300-70-5 (book)
e-ISBN: 78-83-66300-72-9 (ebook)
Pages: 218
Format: książka (oprawa miękka), ebook: pdf w OA

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