The Library of the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences has access to the following full-text and bibliographic-abstract databases:


# Name Description Link
1 BazEkon
    A bibliographic and full-text database of the economic and related sciences created by the Main Library of Krakow University of Economics and made available by the ICM.

2 BazHum
    A full-text database of Polish academic humanities and social science journals, which contains nearly 600 journals with over 430,000 articles and over 100 journals in the full-text database with about 90,000 articles. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in its announcement of 29 May 2013 on the criteria and procedure for the evaluation of academic journals, included BazHum in the list of reference databases taken into account in the assessment and evaluation of journals. The fact that a journal appears in a reference database is one of the key guidelines for scoring journals.

3 BazTech
    A bibliographic and full-text database of Polish journals on the technical sciences, the exact sciences and environmental protection, compiled by a consortium of libraries and made available by the ICM.

4 Cambridge Core This database replaces two major publishing platforms: Cambridge Journals Online and Cambridge Books Online. It contains over 360 journals and 30,000 e-books. In the HSS collection, subscribed to by ILS PAS, 42 titles of legal journals are available. Browse
5 CEON The repository contains open access publications of Polish scientists. Browse
6 Ebsco
    The multidisciplinary database contains about 9,000 full-text journals, including about 6,000 scholarly peer-reviewed journals, indexes and abstracts from about 7,800 journals, and bibliographic records from many monographs, scientific reports, conference proceedings, government agency documents and more. ILS PAS’s licences include access to collections such as:

    • Academic Search Complete – a multi-domain database with approximately 9,000 full-text journals, including approximately 6,000 scholarly peer-reviewed journals, indexes, and abstracts from an estimated 7,800 journals, and bibliographic records from many monographs, scientific reports, conference papers, government agency documents and more, including more than 350 titles of foreign legal science journals.
    • ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) – a database published by the Education Information Center at the US Department of Education, with over 1.6 million bibliographic records and links to 631,000 full-text documents in education, training and the social sciences with archives since 1966.
    • GreenFILE – a database that contains extensive publications on all aspects of human impact on the environment.
    • Newspaper Source – a full-text database that offers access to 360 international newspapers in English, including The Moscow Daily News, The Times, The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Bucharest Daily News, Budapest Sun, Slovak Spectator, Toronto Star, Bangkok Post, The Australian, Irish Times, Kuwait Times, Japan Times, Kyodo News International and The Economic Times and many US newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Washington Times, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and Daily News (New York) as well as other regional newspapers in the USA. In addition, the database contains transcripts of news broadcasts by American radio and television channels: CBS News, CNN, CNN International, FOX News, NPR and others.
7 Elsevier
    The licence covers all the journals in the Freedom Collection, which is updated annually and includes 1,851 current titles dating back to 1995, as well as the archives of more than 420 titles that are either discontinued or now published under a different name. Use of the database requires individual registration.

8 HeinOnline
    A research package of 15+ databases designed specifically for non-U.S. organizations and institutions:
    • Law Journal Library – signature collection of more than 3,300 fully searchable, image-based journals, each dating back to the first issue ever published. This scholarly journals database spans more than 45 million pages and 40 disciplines, bridging a crucial research gap
    • Civil Rights and Social Justice
    • COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present
    • English Reports – the original bound reprint, a collection of judgments of the higher English Courts between 1220 and 1866
    • Fastcase Case Law – the full text of state and federal case law, with inline hyperlinking, negative treatment indicators, citation lookup tools, and more
    • Foreign & International Law Resources Database – some of the world’s most essential international law resources, including publications of the American Society of International Law, yearbooks, the Hague Permanent Court of International Justice series, and more
    • Gun Regulation & Legislation in America – nearly one thousand titles dealing with the difficult and important topic of gun regulation, including periodicals, legislative histories, hearings, and more
    • Law Academy Project – a comprehensive collection of works exploring the history of the Law Academy of Philadelphia, compiled by editor Dr. Joel Fishman
    • Legal Classics – nearly 20,000 works from some of the greatest legal minds in history, including rare items found in only a handful of libraries around the world
    • LGBTQ+ Rights – a collection of materials and interactive timeline relating to the gay rights movement in America, from 1950 until present day
    • Open Society Justice Initiative – reports, handbooks, briefing papers, and more exploring and advocating on issues of human rights and justice
    • Revised Statutes of Canada – a compilation of all federal laws of Canada passed by the parliament since Confederation, including the periodic consolidation of the Statutes of Canada
    • Slavery in America and the World – a multitude of essential legal materials on slavery in the U.S. and elsewhere, including every federal, state, and colony statute and all reported relevant cases
    • United Nations Law Collection – an online database offering researchers a complete digital international law archive of major United Nations legal publications
    • Women and the Law (Peggy) – books, biographies, and periodicals dedicated to the role of women in society and the progression of women’s rights over the past several centuries
    • World Constitutions Illustrated – constitutional and government documents from every country currently in existence, as well as thousands of related classic books and articles
    • World Treaty Library – a monumental database bringing together works from Rohn, Dumont, Wiktor, and Martens to create the richest collection of world treaties ever available, spanning from 1648 to the present
    • World Trials Library – containing trial transcripts and other critical court documents, as well as trial-related resources such as biographies of great trial lawyers and monographs analyzing and debating the decisions of famous trials.

9 Infona
    A universal, repository-based, open platform for science, education and an open-knowledge society. It contains the national archives of Elsevier journals, Springer books and journals, Wiley books and journals (journals updated daily) and Polish academic journals, including the full collection of Przegląd Sejmowy [Sejm Review] (also the current issue).

10 Legalis

One of the largest and best known Polish legal information systems, published by CH Beck. The licence enables access to commentary modules, Law Systems, and periodicals issued by the publisher.
Sign in via individual employee accounts.

11 LexOmega

Lex Omega – One of the largest and best known Polish legal information systems, currently published by Wolters Kluwer Polska. Within the licence it is possible to access:

  • LEX Module Commentaries on Civil Law
  • LEX Module – Commentaries on Labour Law
  • LEX Module – Commentaries Public Law
  • LEX Module Monographs on Civil Law
  • LEX Module Monographs on Criminal Law
  • LEX Module Monographs on Labour Law
  • LEX Module Monographs on Public Law
  • LEX Module – Commentaries Criminal Law
  • Sign in through individual researcher accounts only.
Sign in through individual researcher accounts only.
12 Nature magazine, from 2010 onwards. Individual registration is required to use the database. Browse
13 Research
An international academic network and a free platform for sharing research papers. Use requires individual registration. Browse
14 Oxford Academic Journal

The HSS collection of Oxford University Press (OUP) journals includes 197 titles of prestigious journals, often available on HeinOnline with a publishing embargo or only indexed there. The licence covers archives of volumes from 1996 to 2023 onwards, with the right to unlimited access to the collection from the licence period. The database allows browsing entire journals, as well as full-text searching for specific issues.

15 Springer Link

The Springer licence covers 2008 current journals and 425 archival journals along with all electronically available archival volumes (for approximately 1,290 titles). Over 100 new titles and 579 open access journals are also available for trial. Springer book series archives are also available under the Springer licence, including 17 series from the first volume to the 2008 yearbook and a further nine series with archives from 1997 to 2008, totalling 10,558 volumes. Use of the database requires individual registration. The Springer licence includes an additional programme allowing Polish authors to publish open access articles free of charge in Springer Open Choice hybrid journals.

16 Wiley Online Library

Journals Full Collection 2016, including 1,405 current titles from 1997 and 2,450 books published in 2009 and 2015. Using the database requires individual registration.



# Name Description Link

Bibliographic database of Polish agricultural and natural science journals created by the ICM.


A bibliographic database of Central European journals in the social sciences and the humanities.

3 e-Polska Bibliografia Prawnicza

As a result of the project financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education through the Dialogue programme, a new bibliographic and abstract database, ‘e-Polish Law Bibliography’, has been created (alongside the commercial PBPw SIP Lex and Legalis bibliographic databases). The open ePBP database, containing links to the full content of legal publications available and abstracts of many current academic publications is updated daily. Due to ongoing standardisation work, we ask for any comments and priorities
In addition to legal entries (such as the theory and history of the state and law, public international law and penal sciences), the bibliography also includes entries from universal history, political doctrines, international relations and auxiliary sciences of criminal law (criminology, forensics, medicine, psychiatry and forensic psychology), which were only selected because of their connection to the main subject

4 Scopus

An interdisciplinary database of abstracts and citations from approximately 23,000 journals, 145,000 books, book series, conference reports and patents. It also provides the Hirsch index, which has been calculated based on publications since 1970. Use of the database requires individual registration.

5 Web of Science

A collection of databases produced by Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters). The national licence covers the following databases and time ranges:

  • Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) since 1945;
  • Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) since 1956;
  • Art and Humanities Citation Index (AHCI) since 1975;
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) since 1990;
  • Book Citation Index (BKCI) since 2010;
  • Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) since 2015;
  • Journal Citation Reports (JCR) since 1997;
  • Essential Science Indicators.

as well as additional databases: Biosis Citation Index, Data Citation Index, Dervent Innovation Index, Zoological Records, Medline, Current Chemical Reactions (CCR), Index Chemicus (IC) and Current Contents Connect. The WoS database indexes journals from the Master Journal List (the Philadelphia list), which now includes more than 23,000 current titles; additionally, 10,000 titles of archival journals are indexed in the database. The set of databases covered by the licence is made available on the Web of Science platform on the publisher’s server. Since 2017, a new Emerging Sources Citation Index has been available under the licence, which contains more than 5,000 journals (the target is 7,500 journals by the end of the year) that do not yet meet the selection criteria for the main indices (SCIE, SSCI and AHCI). Inclusion of a journal in ESCI provides greater accessibility and wider citation coverage, and consequently a more complete opportunity for further evaluation. Use of the database requires individual registration.