Joanna Markiewicz-Stanny, PhD

Current scientific affiliation

Institute of Law Studies University of Zielona Góra/p>

Short bio note

Doctor of public international law, assistant professor at the Chair of Theory, Philosophy and History of Law in the Institute of Law Studies of the University of Zielona Góra. Author of several dozen scientific works in the field of international human rights law, international labor law and migration law, published in Poland and abroad. She conducted research at the invitation of the Universities of Uppsala, Perugia and Abo Akademi University in Turku. Member of the editorial boards of “Dyskurs Prawniczy i Adminsitracyjny”, “Marine Policy”, international advisory boards of the journals: “Zbornik radova Pravnog fakulteta”, “Kenyatta University School of law Journal on Childrens Rights”.

Protection of human rights in the migration context:

  • right to liberty and security,
  • standards for the protection of the rights of migrant children,
  • protection of human rights in connection with death and enforced disappearances in the migration process.
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