“Archives of Criminology” in Scopus database

With great pleasure, we announce that in November 2023, the international panel of experts operating within the Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB) made the decision to include “Archives of Criminology” in the Scopus database. From now on, “Archives of Criminology” will be indexed in a comprehensive, credible and reputable database of peer-reviewed scientific publications, containing abstracts and scholarly citations. This inclusion also allows for the assessment of the impact of scientific publications on the advancement of science.

The acceptance of “Archives of Criminology” into the Scopus database signifies that the journal has been recognised as meeting rigorous requirements for scientific works, including the peer-review process, preparation of abstracts and keywords, and regularity and language of publication.

Experts have acknowledged that “Archives of Criminology” is a valuable scientific journal containing articles in both Polish and English, addressing situations in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe but also open to reports from international research or studies conducted in other regions of the world. Indexing in the Scopus database provides an opportunity for global recognition not only for the journal but also for the authors publishing within it, the topics they explore, and the works they refer to. It also opens up opportunities for initiating and developing international research collaborations.