Center for Research on International Criminal Law

The Centre aims to:

  • to examine the case law of international criminal tribunals,
  • to analyse the evolution of international criminal law and its relationship to international criminal justice,
  • to undertake interdisciplinary research on the problem of international crimes and their definition,
  • to study criminological aspects of international crimes: their causes, and ways of prevention,
  • to popularise international criminal law through organisation of seminars, meetings and publications,
  • to obtain grants for the study of international criminal justice issues.

Subject of research:

The object of research is the broadly defined problem of the application of international criminal law. How does it respond to the challenges of reality? Is the International Criminal Court the last stage in the development of international justice or only an element of its evolution? What are the future prospects? How do states incorporate international criminal law into their legal systems?

The research examines, in particular, the case law of international tribunals, the doctrine of international criminal justice, international legal acts, as well as the policies of states with regard to the trials of individuals before international criminal tribunals.

dr hab. Karolina Wierczyńska, prof. INP PAN

dr hab. Hanna Kuczyńska, prof. INP PAN
dr Szymon Zaręba
Karolina Aksamitowska
Agata Helena Winkiel-Skóra

Institute of Law Studies PAS
Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Nowy Świat 72 (Pałac Staszica)
00-330 Warszawa