Centre for Legal Analysis of the Common Agricultural Policy

Established in February 2020, The Centre for Legal Analysis of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAPWPR) is a research and analytical department of the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which focuses on legal problems of the European Union’s agricultural policy (Common Agricultural Policy – CAP).

The Centre’s core tasks include:

  1. conducting research on the Common Agricultural Policy and the effects of implementing this policy on the legal systems of European Union member states;
  2. preparing own and commissioned analyses and legal advice in the field of agricultural and food law of the European Union;
  3. establishing, maintaining and coordinating cooperation with domestic and foreign academic centres in the field of research on European Union agricultural and food legislation;
  4. cooperating with Polish and EU institutions in assessing the current status of EU agricultural legislation, its prospects for development, and its impact on the legislation of individual Member States;
  5. promoting legal issues of the CAP ( for example through organisation of conferences and promotion efforts).

The idea of the Centre is based on openness in establishing research cooperation with Polish and international research centres.

Institute of Law Studies PAS
Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Nowy Świat 72 (Pałac Staszica)
00-330 Warszawa
tel.: 22/826-75-71