Centre for Research on Economic Crime

The Centre for Research on Economic Crime was founded at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences on May 1, 2020. The subject of the research at the Centre are the current issues of preventing and combating broadly defined economic crimes, both from the theoretical and dogmatic point of view, as well as in terms of evaluating the practice of functioning of the existing legal measures in social and economic practice.

The Centre’s core tasks include:

  1. carrying out research on economic crime and identifying behaviours that may disrupt the smooth functioning of economic turnover, which should require penalisation under criminal law,
  2. preparing own and commissioned analyses as well as legal assessment on economic criminal law,
  3. cooperating with domestic and foreign research centres, as well as state and international institutions and bodies, including the European Union that deal with the issues of economic crime,
  4. popularising legal issues of economic crime by organising seminars and conferences, as well as organising and conducting training courses on various aspects of economic crime,
  5. cooperating with the private sector in order to exchange experience and implement common research, as well as expert and educational projects,
  6. obtaining grants for research related to economic crime and economic criminal law, also within the comparative legal angle.

Institute of Law Studies PAS
Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Nowy Świat 72 (Pałac Staszica)
00-330 Warszawa tel.: 22/826-75-71