Centre of New Technologies Law

The establishment of the Centre for New Technologies Law (CPNK) at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences increases the possibility of carrying out research and teaching of contemporary trends in law that occur in all innovative branches of the economy. CPNK seeks to take advantage of the complexity and complementarity of knowledge in many branches of law. CPNK’s research will focus in particular on intellectual property and technology protection (know-how), e-commerce, competition and consumer protection, electronic media and legal protection of information. As a result of CPNK’s activities, an interdisciplinary approach will be used to prepare and support projects at each stage, in particular at the stage of application, sale of rights or granting licenses, or completion of construction of appropriate production infrastructure and launching of sales of products manufactured according to the new technology.

The main objective of research on the law of new technologies should be the adaptation of effective economic models, for example in the field of intellectual property rights management or the use of computer software, including the introduction of rules to counteract the practice of the so-called geoblocking. The proposed research topics include the issue of defining the relationship between intellectual property law and competition law in the era of new technologies. As far as e-commerce is concerned, the topic of on-line contracting (B2B, B2C) with the use of electronic payment instruments is important.

CPNK will participate in the scientific, academic and business communities by engaging in national and international projects which include research or development work as well as organising conferences. In this respect, CPNK may attempt to integrate or cooperate with a number of centres devoted to the development and implementation of innovation and new technologies (business incubators, technology parks, innovation centres, and clusters, etc.). CPNK can also organise postgraduate studies whose purpose is to teach new technologies law. The studies should be addressed to practicing lawyers (legal counsels and attorneys), company in-house IT and technology lawyers, project managers, particularly in the media, IT and telecommunications sectors, as well as employees of public and local government institutions responsible for new technologies.

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