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Department of Agricultural and Food Law

prof. dr hab. Alina Jurcewicz

dr Paweł Popardowski

mgr Beata Włodarczyk

Institute of Law Studies PAS
00-330 Warszawa, Nowy Świat 72
phone: 22 657-27-81
e-mail: prawo_rolne@onet.eu
office hours: Wednesday, 12:00-14:00, room 222

Main areas of research

I. Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) – legal aspects

  • The legal basis for CAP in the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU);
  • The relationship between the internal market and the CAP;
  • Rules of competition in the agricultural sector;
  • State aid in the agricultural sector;
  • Direct payments;
  • Legal aspects of the functioning of the common organisation of the agricultural markets;
  • Structural policy under the CAP – legal context.

II. Food law

  • General principles of food law;
  • Quantitative restrictions and measures with an equivalent effect in agricultural trade;
  • Safeguard clauses in food law;
  • New food products;
  • Food supplements;
  • Food labelling.

III. International agricultural law

  • The international trade of agricultural products;
  • Agriculture in WTO negotiations;
  • The human right to food;
  • Food aid and the issue of poverty in international law.

IV. Theory of agricultural law

  • The specifics of agricultural legal regulations – theoretical aspects;
  • Methods of interpreting agricultural law;
  • The legal concept of an agricultural farm;
  • Agricultural real estate transactions.