Brexit and the Control of the Illicit Tobacco Trade

Dr Marina Foltey’s Brexit and the control of the illicit tobacco trade, published by Springer, assesses the implications of Brexit for the control of illicit tobacco trade in the UK and the EU. The author builds on the legal framework currently in place, and considers the significance of the possible non-application of the acquis communautaire in the UK on issues relating to the illicit trade in tobacco. The monograph illustrates data and trends in the illicit tobacco trade in the UK.

Dr Marina Foltea also explores future UK–EU cooperation in the area of illicit tobacco trade, as well as possible regulatory scenarios and their consequences. The author critically evaluates the impact of Brexit on a particular European challenge: the growth of illicit tobacco trade and the significant economic losses associated with it. The publication, which is the result of the project, Controlling Illicit Trade of Tobacco in the Era of Fast Change, can serve as a guide for analysing the impact of Brexit on other sectors of the economy. The author forms conclusions and recommendations on how the UK can control illicit trade of tobacco after Brexit.

The publication is available on an Open Access model.

Author: Dr Marina Foltea
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2020
Serie: Springer Briefs in Law
ISBN: 978-3030459789
e-ISBN: 978-3-030-45979-6
Pages: 96

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