Polish civil service law : An identity crisis? – Teresa Górzyńska

The Act on the Civil Service of 17 February 1922 was of fundamental importance for the development of Polish civil service law. Civil service law has two basic functions, the first of which is protective and the second is organisational.

This set of legal norms was the focus of attention of Prof. Teresa Górzyńska – long-standing head of the Department of Administrative Law at the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a recognised authority, expert in administrative law and outstanding expert on the issues of Polish civil service law – in her publication Polish civil service law: A crisis of identity?. The book consists of three parts, which are devoted to the basic issues of civil service law, directions of changes in Polish civil service law until 2008 and selected issues concerning the Polish civil service. The first part is an introduction and reflections on the issues of civil service law. The second part is an analysis of the transformation of civil service law in Poland. The third part contains reflections on the international and constitutional conditions of the Polish civil service.

Professor Górzyńska was an active participant in the scientific life of the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences and carried out intensive research work. The last publication on which Prof. Górzyńska worked was Polskie prawo urzędnicze – kryzys tożsamości? [Polish civil service law: An identity crisis?]. However, she did not complete the book. As the advancement of the work on the publication and its importance for the research on the Polish civil service law, the management of the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences set themselves the task of editing this work.

As Dr Wojciech Drobny, Deputy Director of the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, wrote in the introduction to the publication: ‘This publication is an important complement to the output of Professor Górzyńska, which confirms her consistent views on the identity of Polish clerical law.’

Redakcja naukowa: dr Wojciech Drobny
Autor: prof. PAN dr hab. Teresa Górzyńska
Wydanie: Warszawa 2015
Wydawca: C.H.Beck
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