The influence of globalisation processes on Polish criminal law – Celina Nowak

The monograph entitled The influence of globalisation processes on Polish criminal law, which is the result of a 2010–2013 grant entitled ‘Contemporary tendencies in criminalisation and Polish criminal law’, presents a comprehensive and multifaceted analysis and evaluation of the impact of globalisation on criminal law, including Polish substantive criminal law.

The majority of the issues discussed in the book concern the process of internationalisation of criminal law from the theoretical point of view and based on the example of Polish law. Changes to the Polish Penal Code (since it came into force) were discussed in detail in the perspective of the mixing of legal systems around the world. By analysing the changes in Polish substantive criminal law the author shows the influence of globalisation processes on domestic law. She attempts to grasp the dynamics of the transformation of Polish criminal law and to show the degree of its transformation. The considerations on the influence of globalisation on criminal law and on the theory of internationalisation are of great value when it comes to assessing domestic law, while the analysis of the process of changing domestic law illustrates the phenomena that make up the global trend of transforming legal systems.

Zawarte w opracowaniu rozważania odnoszące się do wpływu globalizacji na prawo karne oraz do teorii umiędzynarodowienia mają dużą wartość z punktu widzenia oceny prawa krajowego i krajowej polityki kryminalnej, zaś analiza procesu zmiany prawa krajowego stanowi ilustrację zjawisk składających się na globalny trend przeobrażeń systemów prawnych.

The rationale for undertaking research on these issues was the insufficient analysis of this topic in the literature to date, including international literature. Meanwhile, the importance of the study in the context of Polish law is shown by the fact that only when the 1997 Criminal Code was in force until the end of August 2014, the need to adapt domestic law to international and supranational regulations was one of the most significant factors of changes in Polish criminal law. At least one quarter of the laws amending the Penal Code were enacted due to the need to implement international and supranational regulations.

The research issues presented in the book determine its structure. The work consists of four chapters, of which the first two are devoted to the theoretical analysis of the general relations between globalisation processes and law, including criminal law, while the next two are devoted to the impact of globalisation on the modifications occurring in Polish criminal law between 1997 and 2014.

Wydanie: Warszawa 2014
Stan prawny: 1.09.2014 r.
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