Department of Competition Law

Research areas

The main research activities of the Competition Law Department consist of studies on Polish and EU competition law. The research areas also include links between competition law and other areas of law, including intellectual property law, public procurement law and criminal law.

The most current areas of research activity include in particular:

  • restrictions of competition in digital markets;
  • the relationship between competition law and new technologies (including artificial intelligence and algorithmic pricing);
  • combating collusive tendering in light of competition law and criminal law;
  • possible new trends in competition law, especially given the deepening convergence of national antitrust regulations in EU countries;
  • the investigative powers of the antitrust authorities, obligations of entrepreneurs and the scope of protection of fundamental rights in competition proceedings;
  • the use of so-called “public compensation” by the President of the OCCP as a means of eliminating undesirable market practices.

Current research projects

Postgraduate studies in competition law

Enrolment for the 9th edition of the Postgraduate Studies in Competition Law is now open. Lectures are conducted by renowned academics (employees of the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and other prestigious universities in Poland) and by prominent practitioners (judges, employees of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and law firms).

Postgraduate studies in consumer protection law

The first edition of the Postgraduate Studies in Consumer Protection Law is currently underway. Lectures are taught by eminent scholars: employees of INP PAN, Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and other renowned universities in Poland, as well as distinguished practitioners: judges, employees of the Consumer Federation, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and law firms.

Doctoral seminar in competition law

As part of doctoral studies, a doctoral seminar in competition law is conducted under the supervision of Grzegorz Materna, PhD, Professor INP PAN.

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