Biotechnology, Patents and Human Rights in Europe : Innovations Concerning the Human Body

We are pleased to inform that a monograph titled Biotechnology, Patents and Human Rights in Europe : Innovations Concerning the Human Body by: Prof. Helena Żakowska-Henzler, Dr. Żaneta Zemła-Pacud and Dr. Tomasz Zimny has just been published in Edward Elgar Publishing. The publication is the result of the implementation of a grant from the National Science Centre: Patent protection of inventions concerning the human body and the issue of the fundamental rights (Patentowa ochrona wynalazków dotyczących ciała ludzkiego a prawa podstawowe) (2017-2019).

Authors explores the complex interplay between intellectual property for biotechnological innovations and human rights. Examining the clash between the drive to incentivise innovations that can full human needs and the desire to grant global access to healthcare technologies, it presents thoughtful solutions to the challenges of protecting the human rights of all parties impacted by biotechnological patents and other relevant IP rights.

Two chapters: An introduction into the current discussion about biotechnology, patents and human rights and What is being patented? An inquiry into recent developments in life sciences through the lens of patents are available online. We invite you to read!

Patents in the eld of biotechnological innovations as well as their enforcement have always triggered important tensions with a broad variety of human rights, in particular the right to health, human dignity, and the right to science. is very timely book explores these interactions, using an international, European and comparative law approach and oers a very stimulating analysis of the multiple legal and moral aspects of the topic, laying the foundation for an ethical approach to patent law in the future in the eld of biotechnology.
Christophe Geiger, Luiss Guido Carli University, Italy

This well-researched and informative book provides a unique insight into the complex intersections of biotechnology, patents and human rights in Europe. e authors distil the issues from a complicated web of laws and policies. Researchers and policy-makers should read this book to both understand how the law works and also how it might be improved..
Prof. Susy Frankel, University of Wellington, New Zealand

Focusing on the sphere of biotechnology, this book commands the attention of both the legal and scientic communities. For lawyers, it provides a detailed background on recently-developed medical technologies and discusses their impact on personal integrity and health care. For scientists, it explains the nature of the exclusive rights that national laws create to encourage investment in biotechnological innovation. For both communities, the book then provides a thoughtful discussion of approaches to balancing the interests of right holders against the human rights to health and to the benets of science. Biotechnology is not the only sphere where intellectual property and human rights clash; the analysis provided here will be invaluable when other emerging problems, including climate change, pollution, and food security, arise.
Prof. Rochelle Dreyfuss, New York University, School of Law, US.

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Authors: Helena Żakowska-Henzler, Żaneta Zemła-Pacud, Tomasz Zimny
Year: 2023
ISBN: 9978-1-80392-025-2
ISBN: 978-1-80392-026-9
DOI: 10.4337/9781803920269
Pages: 266
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