Complaints, motions and petitions: Common remedies

The right to lodge a complaint or an application is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. Complaints and applications in the Ministry of Infrastructure are received by the Control Department. A petition is a referral, for example to a public authority, that falls within the scope of its tasks and competences.

The book may serve to remind and deepen one’s knowledge on issues related to the handling of complaints, petitions and applications and their procedures. The study also touches upon such topics as complaint and petition proceedings. The publication presents legal regulations concerning the use of electronic communication by the petitioning party and the authority conducting the proceedings. The authors also devoted much attention to the subject of abuse of the right to petition and the consequences arising therefrom.

It also analyses the issues of issuing electronic documents, delivering them to the participants of the proceedings and the issue of openness and access to case files, among others. From the chapters that can be found in this study, it is worth mentioning the publications of the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences:

  • Sibiga, Grzegorz ‘Application of means of electronic communication in proceedings in cases of complaints, applications and petitions’ pp. 99–116.
  • Błachucki, Mateusz ‘Complaint proceedings as an attempt to substitute regulation of protection of factual interests of third parties in administrative proceedings after liquidation of the institution of the interested person’ pp. 289–314.
  • Drobny, Wojciech ‘Administrative responsibility of the “official” and the public administration body when dealing with applications, complaints and petitions’ pp. 495–513.
  • Mucha-Kujawa, Joanna ‘Civil law protection against violations of personal data personal goods in the process of filing and consideration of petitions theoretical and legal aspects.’ pp. 539–559.
  • The authors also focussed on clarifying doubts related to the disciplinary, civil and criminal liability of public officials who handle motions, complaints and petitions.

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