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Centre for Immigration Law Studies

The Centre for Migration Law Research of the INP PAN was established in November 2020.

The goal of the Centre is to perform interdisciplinary research on law related to human mobility and on the practice of its application. Research conducted within the Centre brings together representatives of various fields and branches of law and other researchers in the social sciences involved in analysing the sources of human mobility laws and the effects of their enactment. The research covers the situation of voluntary and forced immigrants in Poland and Polish citizens abroad.

The core activities of the Centre include:

  • conducting research on broadly defined law regulating the mobility of the population: the research will encompass the analysis of Polish, European and international regulations, including the law on foreigners, asylum and refugee law, human rights, criminal law and regulations on human trafficking, regulations related to employment and social rights of migrant workers in Poland or abroad;
  • carrying out research on case law of national and international courts on population mobility;
  • conducting interdisciplinary empirical research on the processes of applying the law on voluntary and forced migration and the impact of these processes on migrant communities and the host society;
  • bringing together scholars of migration law with the aim of developing this branch of law;
  • collaborating with Polish and foreign research centres;
  • collaborating with practitioners of migration law, as well as with public institutions and social organisations involved in migration and asylum law or working on behalf of migrants (both voluntary and forced);
  • acquiring grants for research and popularisation projects;
  • disseminating knowledge about migration law and the findings of empirical studies on its practical application (e.g. organising seminars, publishing scholarly and popular science texts).

The team consists of researchers on migration, refugees and asylum law who are professionally affiliated with the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences or scholars from other institutions invited to cooperation. Leading researchers in the area of migration law and its application, who conduct their research activity in Poland and abroad, are invited to cooperate within the Centre as members of the Scientific Council.

Webinarium “Deterrence of immigrants – the case of Poland”

W dniu 29 kwietnia 2021 r. odbyło się webinarium organizowane przez Centrum Badań nad Prawem Migracyjnym INP PAN oraz Åbo Akademi University pt. “Deterrence of immigrants – the case of Poland”. Seminarium było prowadzone w języku angielskim.


9.00-10.00 – Introductory presentations

Stephen Phillips, Åbo Akademi University, Deterrence of asylum seekers as a deliberate state policy

Witold Klaus, Migration Law Research Centre at the Institute of Law Studies Polish Academy of Sciences, Chasing asylum seekers away: Governmental practices aimed at deterring people seeking international protection from coming to Poland

Marcin Princ, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Migration Law Research Centre ILS PAS, Deterrence as an example of modern methods of administrative actions towards foreigners

10.00 – 11.00 – Open discussion

The webinar was chaired by Magdalena Kmak, Åbo Akademi University and Migration Law Research Centre ILS PAS.

Abstrakty wystąpień znajdują się w pliku.

W dniu 27 stycznia 2021 r. Centrum Badań nad Prawem Migracyjnym Instytutu Nauk Prawnych Polskiej Akademii Nauk zorganizowało seminarium naukowe pt. „Nowy Pakt o migracji i azylu UE a wyzwania dla Polski”.

Europejski Pakt o migracji i azylu – nowa nadzieja czy wielkie rozczarowanie

Między odpowiedzialnością a solidarnością mechanizmy solidarnościowe w nowym Pakcie o Migracji i Azylu

Centrum Badań nad Prawem Migracyjnym Instytutu Nauk Prawnych Polskiej Akademii Nauk ma przyjemność zaprosić na seminarium naukowe pt. „Nowy Pakt o migracji i azylu UE a wyzwania dla Polski”, które odbędzie się 27 stycznia 2021 r. w godzinach 10.00-12.00 na platformie MS Teams.


  1. Wprowadzenie i powitanie – dr hab. Witold Klaus, prof. INP PAN, kierownik Centrum.
  2. Wystąpienia panelistów i panelistek:
    • Europejski Pakt na rzecz migracji i azylu – nowa nadzieja czy wielkie rozczarowanie? – dr hab. Maciej Duszczyk, prof. ucz., Uniwersytet Warszawski.
    • Projekt nowej procedury granicznej UE – dr hab. Marcin Górski, Uniwersytet Łódzki, Centrum Badań nad Prawem Migracyjnym INP PAN.
    • Między odpowiedzialnością a solidarnością: mechanizmy solidarnościowe w nowym pakcie o migracji i azylu – Marta Górczyńska, Uniwersytet Warszawski.
    • Dyskusja z udziałem uczestników i uczestniczek seminarium.

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