Admissibility of a case before the International Criminal Court

Informacje Ogólne

The objective of a research project is the in-depth analysis of the prerequisites of admissibility of a case before the International Criminal Court. Those prerequisites formulated in art. 17 of the Rome Statute were not expressly defined in this document. Scholars and several commentaries were interpreting the provisions trying to settle what were the present goals during the establishment of the Statute. The ICC, which started its activities in 2002 did not have to many occasions to determinate its jurisdiction, but its decision seem to be largely inconsistent with the intent of travaux préparatoires and opinions of the doctrine. Those different approaches demand in-depth analysis. That is why the objective should be formulated as follows: there are 3 main goals of this project: to analyze the jurisdiction of the Court in context of the admissibility of a case, the thorough analysis the doctrine and commentaries on the issue, and finally, the reconstruction of admissibility conditions based on the critical analysis of the mentioned elements.