Wykład – 13.10.2021 – Constitutional identity in Hungary: the new elaboration of an old instrument

Zakład Prawa Europejskiego
Instytutu Nauk Prawnych Polskiej Akademii Nauk

zaprasza na wykład, który wygłosi

dr Boldizsár Szentgáli-Tóth
(Węgierska Akademia Nauk)

Constitutional identity in Hungary: the new elaboration of an old instrument

13 października 2021 r., środa, godz. 12.00


  • Powitanie i wprowadzenie: dr hab. Monika Szwarc, prof. INP PAN, kierowniczka Zakładu Prawa Europejskiego INP PAN
  • Wykład: dr Boldizsar Szentgáli-Tóth, Węgierska Akademia Nauk
  • Dyskusja

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Boldizsár Szentgáli-Tóth (JD, Ph.D, Ll.M.) is a research fellow at the Center for Social Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies and the ELTE Faculty of Law, Department of Constitutional Law, obtained his PhD degree in February 2019. His dissertation on the constitutional case law related to the legislation with qualified majority has been published as a volume by the Eötvös Publisher, and the preparation of the English version is underway. He has published several articles in different fields of constitutional law, in Hungarian, English and Spanish languages and in domestic and foreign (Portugal, Romanian, Spanish, Slovakian, Slovenian and Austrian) volumes and reviews. He took part in several research projects, including OTKA No. 128796. Led by Nóra Chronowski from the normative content of the principle of democracy. He has been invited to participate as a speaker at the X. World Congress of Constitutional Law (Seoul, June 2018), and at the 2018 African Congress of Constitutional Lawyers (Botswana, October 2018). He has been awarded with various prizes from the past years, such as the New National Excellence Program of Hungary (twice) the Hungarian Lawyers Association (‘Magyar Jogász Egylet’) first prize (also twice) as well as the young academic award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is also the managing editor or editor of more legal reviews.